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Weddings made Unforgettable in Three Steps

Choose the vibe and Memorabl’s prompts will inspire fun all night long. Or customize your own!
Inspired by prompts, a slideshow of the best moments, and shared memories, Memorabl breaks the ice and brings guest together
"What an ideal day"
Memorabl becomes a centerpiece for capturing the joy and excitement of your journey for you to relive again and again.
Involve Your Loved Ones from Anywhere with a Simple QR Scan.
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Your Wedding is Your Love Story

From saying Yes! to the last dance, Memorabl is with you every step of the way.

Assign Moderators to Fine-Tune your event

Moderate posts, tweak theme colors, control prompts, and change board visibility

No more downloading piece by piece

Download all of the pictures, videos, and messages on your board with a single click!

Ensure only the right memories shine through

Control what kind of photos are shared publicly using our built in AI filter

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@Kate: Weed was the best part
@Samantha: I was too drunk to dance
@Nick: Those shots tho!

Make your loved ones' event a day to remember.

Never imagined a gift could elevate and add an extra sparkle to my event like Memorabl did!

people have
enriched their events and preserved special moments with memorabl.

“This was so worth it"

"This was so worth it. It was so easy to set up! It was like a group instagram just for me that I could edit."

McKayla & Stephen
Bride & Groom
“Literally my 82 year old grandparents used it"

"Honestly Memorabl turned out to be so great and so simple. Literally my 82 year old grandparents used it and added photos. And thank god for the prompts - they actually helped a LOT."

Kara & Scott
Bride & Groom
“It was the perfect gift"

"My granddaughter was so happy to learn that we bought this for her. It was the perfect gift."

Pat & Sil
Grandma & Pop Pop
“Our friends...are friends because of a Memorabl prompt"

"My husband's friends are actually now friends with my friends because of a Memorabl prompt from our yes it is worth it 😂."

Stephanie W.
“I didn't expect all of the nice things everyone posted"

"I didn't expect all of the nice things that everyone posted. A bunch of them weren't even from the wedding! Prompts are worth it."

Amanda & Charles
Bride & Groom

Got questions? We have all your answers!

What does Memorabl do?

Event socialization, private social media, and story telling.

1) Memorabl, through custom plans and its revolutionary platform, gets your guests introducing themselves, talking, having fun, and ultimately connecting.

2) Memorabl, through its best in class user experience and AI capabilities, collects every moment that matters at and leading up to your events. All of your guests can add photos, videos, and messages to your event capturing every meaningful memory.

3) Memorabl, through its beautiful event themed  aesthetics, allows you and your guests to scroll through all of the memories, introductions, and moments from your event to re-live again and again. You can even download them all with a single click.

How does Memorabl work?

Memorabl is extremely easy to use:
1) Purchase your Memorabl event package
2) Watch the 30 second set up video
3) Text your event to your guests, add your QR codes to your invitations and place them around your event venue
4) Let Memorabl do the rest as it collects the memories that tell your story

Can I control who can see and contribute to my event?

Yes! Your Memorabl event is completely private. You decide who can view and add to your event at any time.

You can also approve Moderators that can help do all of this for you so you can focus on your event!

What happens after my event date? Does Memorabl stay up?

If you purchased a one time fee event package, your event(s) will stay live for 12 months after your event date. You can download all of the great memories and interactions at any point in that time window. We will soon be introducing a minimally priced subscription package to keep your events available for viewing for as long as you like!

If you purchased a subscription package, all of your events will stay available for viewing as long as your subscription is kept alive (even if you change to a different subscription package)!

Every event has a story waiting to be told. Write yours, now!

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