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Wedding Table
Capture your special day with Memorabl!

Photographers capture the big moments, but your guests capture the unfiltered emotions of your special day.

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Share photos & add comments


Engage your friends with fun, interactive prompts


Create an unforgettable experience

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Is Memorabl worth it?

Hear it from our users of all ages!

"Memorabl was so worth it. It was so easy to set up! I loved getting to look at all of the pictures as soon as I woke up the next day. It was like an instagram just for me that I could edit."
"My husband's friends are actually now friends with my friends because of a Memorabl prompt from our yes it is worth it 😂."
Young Bride
"Honestly Memorabl turned out to be so great and so simple. Literally my 82 year old grandparents used it and added photos. And thank god for the prompts - they actually helped a LOT."
"I didn't expect all of the nice things that everyone posted. A bunch of them weren't even from the wedding that I never would have known about! PS: The prompts are worth it."
"My granddaughter was so happy to learn that we bought this for her. It was the perfect gift."
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Memorabl Is The Best Way to Gather Guest Photos...

Capture a Moment


Scan a QR Code

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Post and Enjoy

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Don't stress trying to bulk download photos from hashtags the next day. Just wake up and enjoy with a single click!


QR Table Cards

QR codes placed around your wedding events and added to your invitation envelopes, give everyone easy access to join the fun!

Custom colors and banner

Memorabl always matches your aesthetic with customizable theme colors and banner image. It will feel like someone created a customized experience just for your wedding!

Fun Prompts

Some guests need a nudge to get off their phones and into the event.

Our prompts give fun opportunities for every guest to dance, meet other guests, and capture the fun!

AI Content Filtering

Automated post filtering so you never need to worry about something inappropriate becoming publicly visible. We add those posts to a private queue for the couple's eyes only!

One click downloads

Download all of the pictures, videos, and messages on your board with a single click!

Full Service Wedding Packages

Prices below are one-time fees, per wedding! Your board will remain up for 12 months after your wedding date!



Budget friendly, yet still provides an amazing experience and prompts guests to have fun.
Does not include automatic filtering of inappropriate posts or printable table cards.


Our most popular!


Includes everything you need for setup in under 10 minutes, aesthetic perfection, and confidence that your guests will have fun without the risk of anything inappropriate slipping through the cracks.



Our top of the line, personally tailored offering.
Options include custom-designed everything, on-site Memorabl staff, physical keepsakes like wedding albums & memory boxes, and more.

Save Up to 90% 

On a bachelor/bachelorette board when you purchase a wedding board!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Board



Control who can see your wild side with a bachelor or bachelorette board! Having a bachelor/bachelorette board, separate from your wedding board, allows you to limit who can see your memories to a smaller group of your closest friends. 

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"Without Memorabl we would not have seen over half of the fun pictures our friends shared!"

Package Comparison:


For more details on features and options:

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